The Pool Scouts Opportunity

There is no experience needed to succeed with Pool Scouts. The Pool Scouts leadership team stands tall with franchise knowledge and offers everything from business to industry experience to train you and your team on all facets of the business. Click below to learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity!

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Why Pool Scouts?

  • Refreshing take on the pool service industry
  • Full training & support - no experience necessary
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Low investment

Check out this video to learn more about the Pool Scouts franchise.

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Jump In To Business Ownership...

Starting a business on your own is a big challenge, and can feel like a deep dive into cloudy water. But with Pool Scouts, the path to success is crystal clear. Our franchise model is a perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of an established brand with a strong foundation, top-notch marketing support, and time-tested franchise strategies. The low cost of entry and close partnership with a corporate team ensure you'll perform swimmingly!

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