Pool Service Industry

The pool service industry is poised to clean up

There are many advantages that come with running a franchise business in the home services sector: lower investment levels and overhead costs – with many opportunities affording the ability to begin operation out of the home, faster start up timeframe, commonly a recurring revenue business model, and the list goes on. But you may not be as familiar with the pros of operating specifically in the pool service industry. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of this estimated over $6 billion industry.


Illustration of two people 6 feet apart - Pool Service IndustryThe pool service industry is thriving during uncertain times.

It’s safe to say that 2020 brought unique challenges to all business owners, as operating models were forced to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic environment. Fortunately, pool cleaning and maintenance businesses are recognized as essential, and our adaptable business model has allowed our franchisees to continue their growth. With the introduction of some new procedures to support CDC guidelines and best practices, Pool Scouts franchisees have continued to meet the needs of customers and growing demand for pool service.


Illustration of the US - Pool Service IndustryWith more than 10 million residential pools in the U.S., the need for quality pool service is evident.

Across the United States, trends are positive in pool construction, which is great news for pool service businesses. And with more homeowners spending time outside and at home than ever before, residential pools are offering the perfect oasis. Keeping a pool swim-ready requires ongoing care, and Pool Scouts offers the perfect solution.


Illustration of Pool Skimmer Basket - Pool Service IndustryConsumers are resisting the DIY approach to pool care.

For busy pool owners, just looking at a pool is no fun, especially when it’s unclear what lurks at the bottom of it. One thing is clear – cleaning your pool is much less fun than swimming in it, and there are added benefits to working with a professional. First of all, if you don’t have professional training and education on pool care, mistakes can be costly; so while you think you’re saving money in the short term, you could end up costing yourself even more. Additionally, most manufacturers warranties are void if service and repair work is not done by a professional. Working with a professional pool cleaning service company like Pool Scouts provides pool owners access to expert resources and keeps them up to date with the latest laws, pool care technology and tips that can save money along the way.


Illustration of Swimmer_Pool Service IndustryThe competitive landscape is barely treading water.

According to IBISWorld there are over 66,000 pool cleaning companies in operation nationwide – yet pool owners struggle to find adequate service. The industry is fragmented and full of unreliable, unprofessional providers, leaving consumers frustrated as they jump from company to company. Our Scouts are highly trained and equipped with the industry’s best pool cleaning equipment to ensure a quality service. Using best-in-class technology, our customers know when we’ll be there and receive a detailed report of each job.


Illustration of Scientific Beaker with Bubbles - Pool Service IndustryIt’s not rocket science.

Worried about lack of pool experience? Don’t be. Pool Scouts provides an effective yet simple business model, and our experienced team will lead you through full business and field training to help you become an expert in all things pool-related. That’s one of the greatest advantages to choosing to pursue franchise ownership!


If you’re ready to learn more about owning a pool cleaning business and the advantages of our top-caliber franchise opportunity, take the first step now!