5 Advantages of a Seasonal Franchise

5 Advantages of a Seasonal Franchise

December 30, 2021

A seasonal franchise brings in most if not all of its revenue during a particular time of year. Some could be holiday based, such as Halloween costume stores or Christmas decoration stores. Others could be weather based, such as snow removal services or swimming pool cleaning services, such as Pool Scouts.

The aspects of running a seasonal franchise are a little unique based on the peak revenue-driving seasons. As with any business venture, prospective franchise owners must research each idea and consider what type of franchise would suit their lifestyle.


During the peak season for your franchise, it may be difficult to find time to travel, spend time with family and friends, or complete those DIY projects that have been on the To Do List forever. However, owning a seasonal franchise has built-in off seasons, which are perfect for those activities. As a result, franchisees are often fulfilled, recharged, and ready to attack the next season for their business.


Some might assume that seasonal franchises don’t operate during the off seasons, but this isn’t true. The quiet time of the year allows franchisees to analyze the numbers from the previous year and have a detailed plan for the next year. Year-round franchises might not have this built-in down time to dedicate to these types of exercises. A portion of the financial planning includes using the franchisor buying power to its highest potential for bulk buy supplies you anticipate needing for the following season. Each year a franchisee can analyze the numbers to project what will be needed for the next year and can purchase those goods ahead of time to avoid the last-minute and high-cost expenses.


The off seasons are ideal for franchisees to recruit and train their employees, so everyone is prepared for the peak season. Instead of hiring the entire team at the beginning of the peak season, hiring in advance and training those team members gives franchisees peace of mind knowing the work will be done correctly and their employees know what they are expected to do. Hiring in advance also gives the franchisee an opportunity to carefully select who they hire, versus being in a bind and hiring anyone.


Owning and operating a seasonal franchise offers owners the flexibility to have a complementary business or seasonal franchise. For example, a franchise owner could pair a pool service franchise with a snow removal franchise, so their franchises have differing peak seasons, bringing in revenue year-round.


Similar to the benefits of financial planning, seasonal franchises offer owners the ability to in-depth plan their marketing endeavors for the upcoming season. Pre-planning the marketing initiatives give franchise owners the ability to focus on their business during the peak season, versus focusing on tasks that could have been completed beforehand. This also gives franchise owners the ability to shop around and find the best prices and quality items for their marketing collateral, which adds savings to their bottom line.

Choosing a franchise that matches your style is very important. As you are considering what industries might meet your needs, be sure to consider the advantages of owning a seasonal franchise.