Benefits of a Low-Cost Franchise

February 22, 2022

If you’re searching for a turn-key operation that can be up and running quickly, there are many franchise opportunities available. Owning a franchise provides owners with support, training, and collaboration that is not typical when starting a business from scratch. Franchisors have a time-tested and organized structure for launching, opening, and growing businesses, alongside the training and processes to achieve success.

Breaking into franchising is a great way to start your own business for many reasons, including the financial benefits. Owning a franchise provides individuals with a lower barrier to entry into entrepreneurship, alongside lower rates for supplies that have been negotiated by the franchisor. 

Here are 5 benefits to a low-cost franchise:

1. Quick to get started

With Pool Scouts you have the ability to operate from virtually any home or office – no build out of a dedicated retail location or large staff needed. When opening a franchise, you know exactly what equipment, products, and supplies you need and can buy those items at the negotiated rates. With a personal startup, owners need to research the best products and equipment, shop around and price check each item, which can be a lengthy process. When opening a Pool Scouts franchise, you get a shopping list of exactly what you need and what you should be paying for the supplies. All of this to get your doors opened faster to start generating revenue quickly. Motivated owners can leverage the Pool Scouts onboarding process to be operational and generate revenue within 90-120 days from signing the franchise agreement.

2. Affordability

With a lower initial startup cost, the ability to generate revenue and achieve profitability is much faster. Larger franchises with higher startup costs can take months if not years to build out office or retail locations, generate revenue, pay off debt, and then become profitable. Low-cost franchises allow owners to start their business with less debt, and start making money faster. Additionally, low-cost franchises offer owners the opportunity to maintain another full time job, expand their current franchise, or partake in an additional franchise – all giving the owners financial security. 

3. Easier scalability

Low-cost franchises are easier to scale since owners are not drowning in debt from starting their initial business. A stronger cash flow enables owners to make decisions to grow the business. With Pool Scouts, we have the expert knowledge of what it takes and how to successfully scale our franchises into larger operations. We have the processes in place to ensure our franchises check off all of the boxes to be successful and grow their business. Additionally, Pool Scouts has national partnerships which help franchise owners acquire vehicles, chemicals, and supplies at negotiated rates with easy scalability and capacity to supply growing businesses with the necessary equipment. 

4. Easier operations

Just because a franchise has a low startup cost does not mean it will be a low profit business. Franchises offer a proven business model to follow, which includes marketing expertise, business management tools, training and continued education, and consistent support from the franchisor. Pool Scouts offers business and field training during the onboarding process so our franchisees have the base knowledge on how to run their business. Pool Scouts also offers ongoing training and support so our franchisees can operate their businesses with ease.

5. Flexibility 

There is a common misconception that owning a franchise is easy and hands-off, however, owning a franchise does offer a higher level of flexibility than most businesses. Most low-cost franchises are businesses that can be run out of a home office or on-the-go, giving owners the ability to travel or adjust their schedules according to their personal lives, giving owners a better work-life balance. 

Buying a franchise is a way to expand your business portfolio without the high risk of starting your own company with no support. Low-cost franchises are affordable, quick to get started, provide flexibility and easier avenues to scale and operate.Pool Scouts is one of the best low-cost franchises and is consistently developing and updating the tools that support our owners.

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