Swimming Pools are scattered across the United States and are becoming more and more of a ‘must-have’ for homeowners. The thought of cooling off in an oasis just a few yards away from home is ideal. But where do the Pool Scouts come in? To clean and service those swimming pools so families can keep enjoying and relaxing. We give back the gift of time.

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There are 10.6 million pools in the U.S. We’ve identified the five states with the most pools, an important factor when considering opening your very own Pool Scouts franchise.

California: This should be no surprise. A sprawling state with sprawling opportunity.

Texas: Everything’s bigger in Texas, and so are the pools. Texas is a key market for year-round service.

Florida: The sunshine state! Warm year-round, Florida is another key market for around the calendar service.

Arizona: Desert heat + a cool spring in your backyard? Can’t beat it. Arizona is home to over 250,000 pools.

New York: This might be a surprising one! But remember, New York does not just consist of New York City. There are close to 300,000 pools ready to be serviced.

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