Picture of Florida city in background with a palm tree highlighting franchise growth

Why Florida is Such a Hot Market for Franchise Growth

January 20, 2021

By this point, you’ve probably heard that Pool Scouts had a monumental year of growth in 2020. Despite many industries suffering from the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, Pool Scouts actually benefitted as people started using their pools more than ever before.

Pool Scouts Growth in 2020

People in search of business opportunities have noticed the increase in pool usage and the pool construction industry. More pools equal more people that will need their pools maintained.

Pool Scouts has seen expansion in many states throughout 2020, including adding new states to the map such as Georgia and Ohio. But a couple of key states, including Texas and Florida, saw exponential growth this year. Texas and Florida are two of the states that have the highest number of swimming pools in the country.

Interest in the Pool Scouts franchise opportunity grew wildly over the past year, with Florida being a hot market in particular. While Florida already had a strong Pool Scouts franchise base heading into 2020 with six franchisees, three more were added in 2020.

Pool Scouts Taps New Markets in Florida

In 2020, Pool Scouts expanded into the Orlando market for the first time, with not one, but two new franchisees! Our first franchisee to sign, Francisco Vergara, is in the West Orange area of Florida. Francisco chose to buy a Pool Scouts franchise because he has background experience in the pool cleaning industry and saw the potential for growth in the market. His goal is to be the best pool maintenance company in the area.

Father son duo Roberto and Rodolfo Tavares are the second franchise in the Orlando market, and will start servicing in the next couple of months. Prior to becoming a Pool Scouts franchisee, Roberto has been an agronomic engineer and entrepreneur in the industry of pool filters and agricultural irrigation. His son Rodolfo graduated with a degree in business administration. Their combined experience makes them the perfect fit for Pool Scouts. They chose Pool Scouts because they believe nothing is better than being with a competent team and with an identified and consolidated brand, and they know that this is true of the Pool Scouts brand.

Another market that Pool Scouts is expanding into this year is Miami. Childhood friends, Omar Sanchez, Eric Gonzalez and Albert Sardina recently signed a three-territory commitment in Miami. Omar has prior experience working with Buzz Franchise Brands since he owns a Mosquito Joe in the Miami area, and knows that they will find success opening a complimentary brand under the umbrella company that they’ve already found success with. The three childhood friends hope their services will allow families to spend more time building memories together in their pools.

The Growth We Expect in 2021

The new Florida markets we tapped into in 2020 are only paving the way to continued momentum this year! Pool Scouts is on the map, and with meet the team days already scheduled for Florida markets this year, we’re on track and excited for all of the new franchisees we’ll be welcoming to the Pool Scouts family this year.