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Getting the Word Out

October 11, 2018

Since launching in 2016, Pool Scouts has been gaining traction across the country. With 17 franchisee owners and 39 territories sold, we continue to grow across the United States. But there are still so many who would be well suited for this opportunity and this kind of business! So, we’re getting the word out! We’ve recently added live webinar events for sharing the ins and outs of this low-cost service franchise.

So What’s All the Fuss About

Pool Scouts tech using a pool net to skim the swimming pool waterLet’s back up and talk a bit about franchising. Why is franchising so popular around the world? Well, starting a business can be daunting and it takes a lot of work. Franchising provides a proven business model and a step-by-step process so you know how to launch your own business. Knowing what software to use, which marketing channels to invest in and even determining pricing can be overwhelming, but franchisors provide the framework and foundation for getting your business off the ground.

In addition to guidance during the startup phase, franchising offers ongoing support. This is something Pool Scouts prides itself on. Well beyond the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Pool Scouts staff, including everyone from the brand president to the director of operations to the marketing manager, is there to help franchise owners continue to navigate the business waters. With numerous training materials, a direct line to field support, and ongoing budgeting and marketing check-ins, you truly are not alone in one of the biggest endeavors of your life.

What About Pool Scouts

Pool Scouts owner Tiffiny Consoli standing in front of a Pool Scouts van and smilingSo now, let’s talk about how Pool Scouts is pushing the conversation. Back by popular demand, we’re hosting a second round of our recent Skimming the Surface. During this webinar, you will hear from Pool Scouts award-winning franchisee, Tiffiny Consoli. Tiffiny is breaking the mold in this male dominated industry and has grown her business to four service vans in just two years of business. Operating in the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina, Tiffiny will share with the group what a typical day in the life a Pool Scouts owner looks like as well as what some of her successes and challenges have been.
In addition to hearing from Tiffiny, you’ll hear from both the Pool Scouts President, Michael Wagner, along with Director of Franchise Development, Timothy Holadia, who will highlight the opportunity that the Pool Scouts model provides. You’ll also have a chance to get your questions answered by the corporate team as well as Tiffiny.
By listening in on this call, you can expect to gain an understanding of the pool cleaning industry and the opportunity it offers, as well as the following:

  • Uncover the Pool Scouts advantage, and how we separate the brand from competitors in the market
  • Hear from a Pool Scouts franchisee, what the process and day-to-day have been like since opening her franchise
  • How to qualify and be awarded a franchise

Check out this brief video to hear more:

Welcome To The Conversation

Join us on November 8 at 1:00pm ET to learn more about how you can be your own boss in a growing and innovative industry. We hope to see you there!