Clear pool water with words A Salute to Our Pool Owners

A Salute to Our Franchise Owners

November 12, 2018

The Pool Scouts’ promise, “Perfect Pools, Scouts Honor” harkens thoughts of a capable, confident and dedicated service. With over a dozen locations nationwide, Pool Scouts owners come from various backgrounds, over 10% of which are veterans having served our country.

The Pool Scouts headquarters is based out of Virginia Beach, VA, and as such, we are surrounded by those who are serving or have served in the military on a daily basis. Many of our corporate employees are related to veterans or are veterans themselves. To honor their service and celebrate their success as entrepreneurs, we would like to highlight veteran Pool Scouts owner, Brent Berridge.

Brent is the owner and operator of Pool Scouts of Sugar Land, serving communities in Sugar Land, First Colony, Riverstone and Telfair to name a few. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and so are the pools. In fact, Texas is among the top 5 states in the United States with the most swimming pools. We took a few minutes to talk with Brent and asked him about how he decided to become a Pool Scouts owner. Read on!

What branch, rank and time in the military?

Picture of Brent Berridge - Corporal of USMC
I served in the USMC as a Corporal for 4 years.

What made you turn to franchising?

What made me consider franchising was the incredible support of the franchisor.

How does your background in the military help you as a franchise owner?

The military, especially the Marine Corps trains you to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. So, this helps with just about anything in life, but with running a business it helps you to look at problems more positively. Not so much as a problem but an obstacle that just needs to be overcome. Seeing things not in a sense that it can’t be done, but how will it get done.

Any other tidbits about your military experience you’d like to share?

I was stationed in South Korea at what Stars and Stripes, an American military publication, called “The Worst Duty Station in the US Military”. The duty station that was ranked second to worst was on an iceberg in Greenland.
Brent and his leadership as an owner exemplify the Pool Scouts commitment to putting our customers first and offering differentiated pool service. Thank you to Brent, and to all of the veterans! We honor you and are so very thankful for your service.

Not only do we offer incredible support to our franchisees, but for qualified veterans, we offer a special discount off of the initial franchise fee! Click to here to read more about why franchising is a great opportunity for veterans. Give us a call or fill out the form to the right to get more information on the Pool Scouts franchise opportunity!