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Top 5 Reasons to Join Pool Scouts at the MultiUnit Franchising Conference

April 19, 2017

The franchise landscape is fruitful, but nuanced! There are so many options and opportunities to explore. It can be overwhelming. For those of you who are part of the industry, owning and operating your own franchise already, or those of you who are serious about entering into a franchise or franchises, the MultiUnit Franchising Conference is worth considering.

The MultiUnit Franchising Conference caters to entrepreneurs who think big in looking for ways to grow their business. The conference is perfect for folks who have or are ready to jump into the deep end of business ownership. It is designed to both educate franchisees for better success as well as provide an opportunity to explore the vast expanse of brands within the franchise landscape.

Both Pool Scouts Franchise Landscape, as well as our sister brand, Mosquito Joe, will be in attendance this year and we welcome any and all questions and inquiries! We’ll be located in Booths 105 & 106. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

If you needed more reasons to go, the MultiUnit Franchising Conference offers the following TOP 5 REASONS TO ATTEND:

Continued Education / Powerful Agenda

We take a different approach when developing the content for this conference. Our goal is to deliver substantial information that you as a franchisee can take home and immediately apply to your business model. Our dynamic agenda is designed to inspire new ideas that stem from the trial and errors presented by various industry leaders. We craft our panels and select speakers positioned within countless segments of the industry. The 2017 event will offer programs targeted to various sizes of franchisee organizations, as well as topics of importance to multi-unit franchisees today.

Pool Scouts networking opportunitiesPeer-to-Peer Networking

Attending this conference will give you direct access to the industry’s frontrunners, up and comers and go-getters. This is the only event where franchisees can meet and mingle with other multi-unit, multi-concept franchisees of brands outside their personal networks. Join your peers, share experiences and get your questions answered! Begin the process of building strong relationships within the industry. Whether you are with a large fully established brand, or with a smaller brand looking to grow, this is where long-term connections are created.

Franchisee Only Events

Each year, the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference offers a variety of meet and mingle events for franchisee attendees only. Take this opportunity to network and meet other franchisees like you in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The 2017 event kicks off with a New Franchisee Attendee Meet & Greet cocktail party with our franchisee advisory board members. If you are an up-and-coming brand and are looking for some guidance, this is a don’t miss occasion to gain some insight directly from these industry leaders.

Pool Scouts Franchising success Inspiration

With the amount of talent and experience that continually attends this conference, it’s easy to get inspired. Discover new ways to better understand what’s working and what’s not working for your business. Whether you are looking to add units, secure capital or grow your infrastructure, this event will cover it all. The MultiUnit Franchising Conference will re-energize your spirit and get you excited about growing a successful business.

Speaker Roster

Our speaker roster is comprised of some of the best, most experienced franchisees in the industry. These talented individuals represent the many perspectives of the franchise spectrum. They are happy to share and discuss their experiences in order to help you learn and grow your business.

We hope to see you in Vegas, not only to discuss the Pool Scouts Franchise Spectrum and Mosquito Joe opportunities, but all to be a part of the process in helping you succeed in your franchising journey!

About the Pool Scouts Franchise Opportunity

Pool Scouts, a pool cleaning franchise, has its corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA, with 17 franchise locations across six states. Pool Scouts is focused on providing a quality and consistent brand experience, while providing pool cleaning and maintenance to members of their local community. If you are interested in finding out more about this low-investment and recurring revenue business model and aren’t able to make it out to see us at the next conference we’re at, give us a call at 844-407-2688.