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New Year, New Business

January 11, 2019

Be Your Own Boss Key on Computer Keyboard You’ve heard the age-old phrase, “new year, new you”. For some of us that adage resonates. It’s a brand new year and for many, that means New Year’s resolutions. People pledge to be more present, start a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with family – all to better themselves and their lives. But what about the phrase, “new year, new business”? How does that sit with you? If you’ve been craving a change in your professional life, now is the time to explore being your own boss. Because while starting a business might not be an immediate thought for your resolution, it’s a decision that will certainly better your life.

With Pool Scouts, you have the freedom of being your own boss with a strong brand and support system. And did we mention you get to spend a ton of time outside (if you wish)? There are so many reasons to dive in and start your journey to business ownership. So if the thought of going back to your corporate job makes you shudder, read on for three reasons why you should consider the Pool Scouts opportunity in 2019.

It’s a Ripe Market for Pool Cleaning

With over 10.6 million residential swimming pools in the United States, the opportunity is endless. The most pools are housed in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and New York, but the Pool Scouts opportunity certainly doesn’t start and end with those states. We have franchisees operating in South Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, and Tennessee, as well as balmy Texas and Florida. And with many pool businesses out there offering less than professional service, Pool Scouts stand out amongst the noise.

Enjoy a Recurring Business Model

It’s no secret that regular service is key to keeping a pool sparkling and swim-ready, making your long-range profit potential high. Pool Scouts offers ongoing professional pool cleaning services that keep customers coming back week after week or month after month, driving a high lifetime value per customer. At Pool Scouts we emphasize weekly service plans, allowing you to develop long-term relationships with customers that result in recurring revenue but will work with you to determine the best frequency for your market.

You’re in Charge, But Not Alone

Pool Scouts - Girl sitting on inflatable ring in swimming pool giving a thumbs up With franchise businesses, a major benefit is having the support of the corporate team and brand behind you, and Pool Scouts is no different. We know that becoming your own boss and starting a business means exploring some uncharted territory for yourself, and that can be intimidating and overwhelming…even lonely at times. Not in our franchise system. The Pool Scouts franchise model gives you the independence you’re looking for in running your own business, but it’s backed with a strong support team at the home office to provide guidance, answer questions and be there for you when you need a lifesaver.

Pool Scouts - Webinar Opportunity - Franchisee
So, if you’ve decided it’s time to dive into a new opportunity, or if you’re just dipping your toe into the waters, we would love to talk you through any and all details of the Pool Scouts franchise opportunity. Give us a call at 1-844-407-2688, drop us a note at franchising@poolscouts.com or fill out the form to the right to get more information right in your inbox. 2019 is your year!

And be sure to join us on Wednesday, February 14 @ 1 PM ET for a free, live webinar event featuring one of our very own Pool Scouts franchisees! Learn how you can be awarded a franchise along with the ins and outs of what it’s like to be a Pool Scouts owner. Click here to learn more and claim your spot today.