Face mask shown as a step Pool Scouts is taking for safety

Our Scouts Conquered Their Biggest Wave Yet: The COVID-19 Pandemic

September 16, 2020

Since COVID-19 began its spread throughout the United States early this year, families have been spending more time at home than ever before. Because travel, working, and socializing stand as potential risks to our health and safety during this time, we’ve had to take advantage of what we have in our own backyards. And for many, this means their pools.

Pool net skimming clean pool waterWhether a pool hasn’t been touched all winter, or its owners have been using it even more during quarantine, it likely needs some attention. Pool cleaning companies like Pool Scouts have been deemed an essential business during the pandemic due to this increase in home-pool usage. 

Due to the “no contact” nature of our business model, our franchisees have fortunately been able to work continuously during this time, serving customers across the country, and in return, have seen a significant increase in business growth in 2020. Pool Scouts immediately saw this unpredictable time as an opportunity to grow our franchise family, add new sanitization procedures to our services, and spread more awareness about swimming safely and risk-free during a pandemic. 

Let’s dive in and look closer at how Pool Scouts continues to conquer its biggest wave yet, and why now is an opportune time to invest in the pool cleaning industry.  

Supporting and Growing the Pool Scouts Family  

Pool Scouts has truly made a splash so far this year, considering today’s circumstances with COVID-19. Our owners witnessed an unexpected 30% increase in customers, and we attribute our success to being able to serve our customers throughout this year’s extended pool season without face-to-face contact with customers. Over the past several months, we have been able to fully serve clients while social distancing so that they can enjoy their clean, outdoor oasis during this stressful time. 

In 2020 alone, Pool Scouts has welcomed 10 new franchisees and added 24 new territories across the country. How has this been possible? Well, with so much changing around us, our Scouts know they can reach potential franchisees by spreading the idea of investing in a stable, consistent business that one can run independently. And because a relevant concern for many corporate employees is the possibility of losing a job, Pool Scouts’ leadership has remained transparent while speaking about franchisee achievement during this time, so we can reach those looking to invest. 

While working remotely in the spring, our corporate team tailored our candidate recruiting and training methods so that all potential franchisees could stay home and reduce their risks of getting sick. Although Pool Scouts values in-person connections when recruiting potential owners, we hosted our Meet The Team Days virtually to eliminate the need to travel during the pandemic. 

As we continue to navigate business development during the pandemic, our team always welcomes and encourages franchisee feedback. They’re working in the field and the office, so their well-rounded business assessment holds great value when making brand adjustments. 

Safeguarding Staff, Customers and Pools with New Sanitization Measures 

Pool Scouts has proven itself resilient during this time, not only because of our internal drive as an organization, but because of the way we serve our customers. The health of our clients and employees holds priority at Pool Scouts, so our franchisees carried out this mission through the pandemic to assure that our services aligned with the CDC guidelines and best practices around COVID-19. 

Our new sanitization procedures have added a layer of consistency, cleanliness, and comfort for our customers so that they feel there is no risk in calling Pool Scouts. Because our work allows for no-contact service, we have been able to tend to our customers through every stage of the pandemic. See what sanitization procedures we have in place in the video below. 


Discussing Water Safety and Mindful Swimming During A Pandemic

Over the past several months, our franchisees have utilized their time and online presence to spread more awareness about water safety and how to swim mindfully during the coronavirus pandemic. Their goal was to communicate that both concepts remain true and vital during this unprecedented time: 

First, if a pool is well-maintained and properly chlorinated, COVID-19 will not spread through it. Along with refining our health and safety protocols, we have also expanded our Scouts’ Promise: to leave our clients’ pools clean and inform pool owners about how to swim mindfully during the coronavirus pandemic.

Second, while swimmers can stay safe from the coronavirus by maintaining their pools and social distancing, families and friends must also carry out water safety precautions to prevent water-related incidents. Because most learn-to-swim programs paused business during the pandemic, our Scouts have addressed the increased likelihood of children encountering water without knowing how to swim or save themselves from drowning. 

This year, Scouts across the country promoted our annual water safety campaign through the month of May, National Water Safety Month, and beyond. We knew our customers would be around their pools more than ever this spring and summer, so amplifying the campaign and spreading awareness within the context of COVID-19 held priority for us.

Looking to become a business owner? Here’s why pool service franchising withstands unprecedented times

  • An evergreen business. Cleaning services remain essential, as opposed to retail businesses like restaurants or gyms. Our customers call Pool Scouts because they prefer spending time enjoying their pools with family and friends, as opposed to cleaning them. Our brand is thriving during the pandemic because people had to stay home and take advantage of what was at close reach. 
  • Work for yourself, but not by yourself. Especially now, people are afraid to lose their jobs if not deemed essential. When owning a franchise, you work independently, but not alone. All Scouts have a supportive team working alongside them as they conquer big waves like COVID-19. 
  • Flexible schedule. Pool cleaning services typically occur during common work hours during the week. This allows our franchisees to have more schedule flexibility to spend time with family and friends during evenings and weekends.
  • Affordable startup investment. We require a franchise fee and startup costs that are significantly lower than most franchises and support a faster business launch. This helps potential investors feel more comfortable making that first cannonball into the pool of investing. 
  • Work in person or virtually. With our cloud-based systems, Pool Scouts offers owners the ability to work from wherever best fits them. And because the future of the pandemic is uncertain, we understand that working remotely is often favored during this time.
  • Imperishable inventory. Our business has tangible, imperishable inventory like cleaning technology and supplies –– this makes it easy on the owner to manage all properties in and out of stock. 
  • Being a Scout is simple. Don’t worry about lacking pool experience. Our brand offers a simple, yet efficient business model, as well as full business and field training to help you become a pool expert. 

Despite the unpredictability we face today, Pool Scouts highly encourages aspiring investors to continue their research, set a plan, and dive into an opportunity like the pool-cleaning industry. Learn more about our franchise by visiting poolscoutsfranchise.com, emailing franchising@poolscouts.com, or calling 844-407-2688