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Scouting Positivity

September 23, 2020

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This article highlights the importance of pools while people are home quarantining. Pool service has been deemed an essential business, and since Pool Scouts is able to service without seeing customers in person, they have been able to continue business as usual.

Clear Communication with Pool Scouts Franchisees

One thing that has changed is that we are communicating more than ever with Pool Scouts franchisees to ensure they feel supported and knowledgeable on all safety measures being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Pool Scouts president Michael Wagner said, “In this kind of [social distancing] environment, you want to make sure to over communicate and that’s one of the fundamental things we’re doing. We try to provide our franchisees with the latest and greatest in information possible. The neat thing about having a franchise community is that you can share best practices pretty quickly across the system.”

Safety Protocols with Customers While Keeping Clear Communication

On top of additional social distancing protocols that have been implemented, Pool Scouts is using a mixture for a bleach solution to sanitize gate latches, control panels, handles on the multiport valves for pump controls, ladders and handrails — any frequently touched surfaces on the pool or anything the techs come in contact with.

Communication between Pool Scouts franchisees is also important. When it comes to pool openings, it generally takes two technicians to complete the job. Previously, they would ride together in a company vehicle. But a franchisee in North Carolina started having his technicians drive separately, covering gas for their personal vehicles. It was soon implemented company wide. Wagner says that is one example of how a best-practice can be developed from the input of a franchisee and then immediately communicated to all other franchisees for quick implementation across the company.

While pool technicians don’t come in contact with customers, they continue to provide excellent communication. A follow-up email is sent to customers with all of the information about the service performed, before and after pictures, in an effort to limit face-to-face interactions.

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