Pool Scouts owners from Dallas standing in front of Pool Scouts van

Significant Strides in the Texas Market for Pool Scouts

October 7, 2020

Read this 1851 Franchise article to learn about our three new franchisees fueling Pool Scouts growth in Texas.

Pool Scouts Franchise Growth in the Dallas Market

Pool Scouts recently signed three new franchisees, all within the Dallas-Fort Worth Market: Curtis Boyden, Michael Luckey and Jason Richardson, and Steve and Michelle Stern. These recent purchases give the Dallas area a total of 15 occupied Pool Scouts territories, with 12 available territories still remaining!

With people staying home this year more than usual, the pool industry has only gotten stronger during COVID-19. People are using their pools more frequently for exercise, stress relief, and entertainment while quarantined at home, providing a steady incline in the need for pool service. With Pool Scouts growing in a focused market like Dallas, it’s only made the brand grow even faster.

“Two of our existing franchisees are in neighboring territories,” said Michael Wagner, Pool Scouts president. “That gives us tight concentration in a small area and makes it feel like the brand is all over the place. Customers recognize Pool Scouts as the brand to go to, and we’re seeing continued excitement and growth around the brand.”

Pool cleaning service isn’t all that’s in high demand. Pool construction is up significantly, only giving even more reason to need Pool Scouts around. Wagner said, “People are using their pools more than they ever have, and pool construction is going crazy across the country — there are waiting lists to have pools constructed.”

Curtis Boyden, one of our newest Dallas franchisees, said, “I discovered that with Pool Scouts there is the opportunity for recurring revenue in a business that could elsewhere just be seasonal. Pool Scouts provides a recurring service with clients whom I can build relationships with as well.”

Pool Scouts is excited to fill up those last 12 territories in Dallas, and continue on to other large Texas markets such as Houston and San Antonio. To read more about the recent growth in Dallas, you can find the full 1851 Franchise article here.

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