Pool Scouts technician kneeling by pool and testing water

Top 5 Pool Industry Service Trends 

June 5, 2018

By Dana Robinson
Trends are perhaps the only consistent aspect of any given industry. When Americans became more carb conscious two decades ago, restaurants responded in kind with low-carb menu options. And when online shopping began to encroach upon the brick-and-mortar retail game, storeowners were suddenly forced to consider online business plans of their own.

The pool service business is no different.

Like pool water itself, trends can create waves in the industry. And while the movement may cause some business owners to fall prey to motion sickness, they can also provide a fertile environment for business expansion and keeping customers happy. Here are a few of the recent industry-shaking pool service trends that Todd Crowe, director of operations at Pool Scouts, has observed:

Preventative Chemistry:

People typically tend to their pools in a reactionary way—testing the water first, then adding the correct chemicals to keep the water clean. But there’s now more of an emphasis on preventing the problem before it even occurs. Pool professionals are now adding chemicals based on how the pool has faired in the past at various times of the year rather than waiting until a water test reveals a chemical imbalance.

These proactive measures not only save time, but they can also save customers money in the long run. When pool water is kept clean the pumps and filters don’t need to work as hard to do their jobs. This creates less wear and tear on the equipment and the hardware needs to be replaced less often.

Service Pictures:

When techs first begin servicing a new client they take pictures of the pool as well as the pumps and filtering equipment. When the hardware needs to be repaired or replaced, they simply refer to the photos on file to make sure that they’re ordering the correct parts. This eliminates the need to schedule a visit to the client’s home to record the correct make and model numbers of the faulty hardware.Pool Scouts Service

Vacation Services:

Short-term service appointments are on the rise, especially during the warmer months. Rather than hiring a service firm for the entire season, many homeowners are opting to hire service techs only while they’re on summer vacation—which is much better than returning home to a green pool after a relaxing holiday.

Tab/Liquid Chlorine Switch Off:

Continual use of chlorine tablets tends to result in an increase in cyanuric acid. And once the levels get too high the only way to get them down is to drain the pool and add fresh water—which is time consuming and can also significantly increase a client’s water bill.

To avoid the extra work and the extra headache, service techs have started to switch between chlorine tablets and liquid chlorine with every service call. By alternating a stable product (tablets) and an unstable product (liquid), techs can keep the acid levels at the appropriate level.

Service Instead of Generators:

Salt and chlorine generators are wonderful machines—until they don’t work. So, instead of spending their hard-earned money on replacing or repairing a generator, many homeowners are opting to hire service firms to maintain their pools. Service techs typically cost less and homeowners can rest easy knowing that their pools are being maintained by human hands—which are often much more reliable than a machine.

In addition to fulfilling our pledge to provide customers with clean, swim-ready pools, we’re also committed to staying ahead of new and evolving service trends to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. Scout’s Honor!


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