Why a Pool Scouts Franchise Is a Great Fit for Veterans

November 16, 2023

With around 80 operational locations across multiple major markets, Pool Scouts, the pool cleaning franchise, has established a strong name for itself as a prime opportunity in the home services franchise space. More specifically, it has offered valuable opportunities and support to veterans looking to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journeys.

“Pool Scouts is a great franchise for veterans,” said Michael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts. “We welcome veterans to the team because they have plenty of practice in persisting despite challenging circumstances, and we know that our network can provide fulfilling connections internally as the franchisees work to service members of their own communities.”

Celebrating the Veteran Franchisees of Pool Scouts

Brent Berridge of Sugar Land, Texas served in the U.S. Marine Corp for four years as a Corporal before spending 20 years with The Dow Chemical Company. It was after this that he began his journey as a business owner.

“Veterans know how to get things done. If a veteran is looking to get into the pool industry and needs help, Pool Scouts can help to get them up and running quickly,” said Berridge. “The military teaches discipline, determination and problem solving skills. All of these are essential to running a successful business.”

It is clear that Berridge leveraged his military experience to launch a strong business, as he reached the $1 million revenue mark in 2022 and was subsequently recognized with the International Franchise Association’s Franchisee of the Year award.

As he continues to grow a thriving, community-focused business, Berridge recognizes the role his military experience plays in his entrepreneurial success but shares an even bigger sense of pride knowing that he was able to serve alongside some of “the best this country has to offer.”

Many service members feel this sense of pride in their service and community, and retiring from the military can leave them longing for a similar type of connection.

Pool Scouts certainly offers a proven business model and clear-cut systems that passionate franchisees can apply to grow a business of their own, but it is more than that. When veterans choose to invest, they’re truly becoming a part of the Pool Scouts family.

Rontario Hicks, who served in the U.S. Army for 24 years, shared that this is one of the most meaningful things he has found at Pool Scouts.

“Pool Scouts has a great family atmosphere that matches the same feeling I had while I was in the Army,” said Hicks. “Whenever I call, no matter the issue, they have been there to support — much like my brothers and sisters in arms.”

After enlisting at just 17, Hicks served for 24 years, including four deployments and three years of active combat. These experiences also allowed him to embrace structure, develop patience and build confidence and an ability to trust the process.

“I chose a road less traveled that highlighted great sacrifice, but also great reward,” he said.

However, when he did retire from the military, Hicks found himself looking for something that would allow him to leverage the skills he developed in the military and provide a sense of connection similar to what he experienced during his service. When he found Pool Scouts, he felt he had identified a concept that could provide this connection while staying in alignment with his own core values.

Now, he is running a successful operation in Huntsville, Alabama as he continues to employ the skills he developed over two-plus decades of service and build a meaningful business for his future. Hicks was even named Rookie of the Year at Pool Scout’s 2023 convention.

How Pool Scouts Supports Veterans

Hicks and Berridge are just two examples of what can be achieved when a veteran partners with Pool Scouts. The franchisor has worked diligently to create an operational playbook and support network that empowers both veterans and civilians to take control of their futures with a great entrepreneurial opportunity.

With this, and an emphasis on the discipline and commitment many veterans develop during their service, retired service members have a great opportunity to build a powerful business that can have a great impact on community members while building a legacy for themselves or their families.

“Veterans bring another unique perspective to the system thanks to their service and strong operational and problem solving skills,” said Wagner. “We’re proud to have them as a part of our system and excited to welcome even more veterans to the family as we expand.”

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