Pool ring floating in a clean pool

How the Realities of Pool Ownership Fosters Corporate Responsibility

July 8, 2019

Almost four years ago I stepped into the role of Marketing Manager for Pool Scouts. Prior to that, my pool experience peaked back in 1986 when I spent as much time as I could in the neighbor’s pool when I was just a wee 10-year-old! Back then, the pool meant one thing, FUN! I couldn’t get enough, especially going off the diving board nagging my mom incessantly to rate my moves. Pay back stinks as a parent!

Fast forward 30 years or so and the pool means something entirely different. The more I learn the more I truly understand the responsibility that comes with owning a pool. Right at the same time I joined Pool Scouts, I moved into a house with a pool. I didn’t know anything about pool care at the time, but I did know that I needed to be sure our 4 and 6 year-old kids abided by some strict pool rules! I quickly came to realize that rules were just not going to be enough.

The Industry Efforts

Pool Scouts owners standing with Make A Splash sign at event There are so many amazing aspects of the pool industry, from relaxation to fun to innovation in technology. But what also exists is a sad and terrifying reality that pools are dangerous. Being in marketing, I have a Google alert set up for the word “pool”, and it seems like every single day, there is a story about someone drowning. While kids are the most susceptible, the water is not partial to just young children- people of all ages can fall victim.

With drowning being the leading cause of death in children 4 and under, there is more and more being done to increase safety measures around pools as well as raising awareness about water safety. I read an article that likened pool alarms to seatbelts and that made so much sense to me. Why aren’t we instilling the same safety parameters to pools that we do to our cars? Drowning is 100% preventable, why wouldn’t we require those safety measures?

A Change in Motion

Well the good news is things are shifting. Change is happening a bit slower than many would like, especially those who have lost their own loved ones to drowning, but with organizations like USA Swimming Foundation and their Make A Splash initiative offering people from all income levels the opportunity to take swim lessons, the needle is moving and water safety is moving more to the forefront.

Pool Scouts donating a check to the USA Swimming Foundation This year, Pool Scouts joined forces with USA Swimming Foundation, helping to amplify their message and support their cause. In addition to spreading the word through social media campaigns, communicating safety tips with customers, and talking to local news channels about water safety, we committed to donating 5% of the revenue from all of our Pool Scouts locations the week of May 19, 2019 to the USA Swimming Foundation. I am proud to say that we donated over $5,500 to the cause and we anticipate that number to significantly grow every year as we continue to spread the word and add more Pool Scouts locations!

What It Means

Needless to say, at our house we quickly updated the fence gates, added alarms to the back door and signed the kids up for swim lessons. My kids are now great swimmers, but I never let them swim without supervision. And even though I am told sometimes I need to relax by family and friends, I’m constantly counting heads and scanning the pool bottom while the kids swim. I’ve learned a lot being a part of Pool Scouts. I know how to change a DE filter and I can talk about alkalinity, but I also know the truth about the dangers of pools and water all too well.

I am proud of the efforts Pool Scouts has made in amplifying the water safety message and I know as a brand, we’ll continue to carry that torch and support our industry brethren who are doing the same.

Learn more about water safety on our website: Pool Scouts Water Safety.