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As we begin to expand across the nation, Pool Scouts has been making headlines with our stellar pool maintenance services and fast-growing business. Check out a sample of the latest press here.

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The Latest News

Press Highlights

Top 25 Home and Garden Brands to Watch in 2017

Launched just this year by Buzz Franchise Brands, Pool Scouts tops the list for ones to watch in 2017. Pool Scouts is a premier pool service franchise system made up of operators and technicians who are trained in treating and servicing pools, prepared to provide ongoing maintenance, cleaning and repair services throughout pool season and beyond. Read More

10 Most Overlooked Chemical Handling Rules

Handling pool chemicals is not like working with, say, ballpoint pens. While the risk of ink stains are a clear and present danger, it’s nothing compared to blindness, lung disease and death, which are all very real side effects of mishandling pool chemicals — not to mention fires, explosions and the release of toxic gases. Read More

Pool Company eyes Butler County for Expansion

A pool cleaning and maintenance company is looking to Butler County to establish its first Ohio locations. Pool Scouts, which opened locations in North Carolina, Virginia and Texas since forming in January, provides pool cleaning, maintenance and minor repair services “using the latest technology and the most thorough processes,” according to the company. Read More

Pool Scouts Looking to Expand in Greer Area

Pool Scouts, a Virginia-based company, is looking for a franchisee in the Greer area. “One territory is around the Spartanburg-Greenville area,” said Pool Scouts President Michael Wagner. “It’s really one franchisee that we’re looking that would target that market.” Read More

Pool Franchise Dives into North Texas, Promising Professionalism

Michael Wagner wanted to grow Pool Scouts, his new pool franchise, in an area with a high density of swimming pools, high income and fast growth. Wagner, the president of Buzz Franchise Brands, based in Virginia Beach, Va., saw huge opportunity to grow the burgeoning business in an increasingly fragmented industry. He estimates there are 56,000 different pool maintenance companies nationwide, most of them mom and pops. Read More

Pool Scouts Launches First Franchise Location

Virginia Beach, Va.-based Pool Scouts has signed its first franchisees. The very first location of the pool cleaning and maintenance business opened Aug. 1 in Raleigh, N.C., under the management of Tiffiny Consoli. “We’re very happy to have her as our pioneer franchisee,” said Chris Bushey, director of operations at Pool Scouts. “We’re anticipating that she’ll do great things in that Raleigh market.” Read More

New pool cleaning service coming to Conway

Pool Scouts, a pool cleaning service based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is looking to bring a franchise to Conway. The company is part of the Buzz franchise, which started on Jan. 4. Buzz also owns Mosquito Joe, a pest control company with locations in Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York. Read More

11 Hot Franchises for the Summer

If you’re a homeowner who’s lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you have the luxury of taking a cool dip when the heat becomes oppressive. Unfortunately, you also have to clean the thing. Luckily, there’s Pool Scouts swimming pool, which offers residential swimming pool cleaning and maintenance. Read More

Staying Safe at the Pool this Summer

When the weather heats up for the summer, that means many of us are hitting the pool. But a fun summer day in the sun can quickly turn dangerous, if you don’t take the right safety measures. Pool Scouts Summer Lead Pool Technician Gabe Jensen visited 13News Now to share his pool safety tips for a fun and stress-free summer. Read More

Job-Seekers Return at Fastest Pace Since Before Recession

Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, said the growing economy is helping him expand. He plans to add eight more employees to his headquarters staff of 22 by the end of this year. The company operates Mosquito Joe, a pest-control provider, and Pool Scouts, which provides pool-cleaning services. Wilson expects to hire more workers at the existing 113 Mosquito Joe franchises and open 58 new ones. Those steps should create about 450 new jobs. Read More

The pool service segment has gained another franchise with aspirations to go national. Virginia Beach, Va.-based Buzz Franchise Brands, parent company to Mosquito Joe pest-control services, recently launched Pool Scouts pool service. The first location opened in Virginia Beach at the start of 2016 and was set up through the acquisition of a construction company’s service division. Pool Scouts will revolve around the cleaning and maintenance of residential pools. “That’s kind of where our sweet spot is,” said Michael Wagner, president of Pool Scouts. “We do some small repairs and we’ll likely do some commercial pools. But, really, our focus area is on single-family residents with pools in their backyards.” Read More

After Growing Mosquito Joe to Over 210 Locations in Three Years, Buzz Franchise Brands Launches New Pool Service Franchise, Pool Scouts

Pool Scouts was created on the same principle as Mosquito Joe, one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises as named by Entrepreneur Magazine, and the leader in the mosquito elimination business: Customer satisfaction first. Read more

Buzz Franchise Brands Launches New Pool Service Franchise, Pool Scouts

Pool ownership is a dream for countless people. In fact, more than 10 million U.S. homes have made that dream already come true for many. However, according to MarketResearch.com, there are 50,929 pool service businesses providing a disjointed customer experience that varies drastically from market to market, and sometimes block to block. Enter Pool Scouts ServiceRead More