Pool technician kneeling next to a pool and smiling

Protecting Customers’ Investment With Quality Pool Technicians

October 27, 2016

Each year millions of dollars are spent on new pool construction, and it is no wonder why. Nothing beats a dip in the pool on a hot summer day! But what many new pool owners don’t realize is the long-term maintenance and upkeep that a pool requires.  The investment in a pool, whether you build it or acquire it through a new home purchase, isn’t something to take lightly. Pipes can burst, filter cartridges can break, pumps can stop, and liners can rip. These are just a few issues you can experience with pool ownership. The good news is that you can mitigate the risk with proper upkeep and a good pool technician, someone who knows how to check and care for not only the pool water but the pool surface and equipment as well.

So, how can you ensure that you’ve hired the right pool technician? Believe it or not, pool technicians should be certified, and there is a process behind earning certification. The Aquatic Training Institute offers various training and certifications courses, and here at Pool Scouts, we require all Lead Technicians to be certified as Certified Pool Technicians (CPT). The training addresses a number of topics including the importance of keeping records to document chemical levels and equipment integrity over time as well as an overview of industry guidelines and regulations. And remember that green pool at the Olympics? There is a section in the course dedicated to troubleshooting. The following is a comprehensive list of key areas covered in the training:

  • Pool & Spa Management
  • Regulations and GuidelinesSkilled technicians cleaning pools for Pool Scouts.
  • Essential Calculations
  • Pool Water Contamination
  • Disinfection
  • Water Balance
  • Pool & Spa Water Problems
  • Chemical Testing
  • Chemical Feed Control
  • Water Circulation
  • Pool & Spa Filtration
  • Heating & Air Circulation
  • Spa & Therapy Operations
  • Facility Safety
  • Keeping Records
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Renovation & Design

In addition to book and classroom learning, there are endless opportunities for technicians to learn on the job. That is where they ultimately hone their craft. Even experienced technicians learn new skills on the job. The pool industry continues to push the envelop of innovation, now offering SMART pools and multi-speed pumps. There always seems to be something new.

The next level in certification is Certified Pool Operator (CPO.) CPOs have more experience and industry credits than CPTs. Currently at Pool Scouts, we are lucky to have a CPO as part of our team. Gabe Jensen has over 15 years of experience in the pool industry, and quite literally, grew up in the business. Gabe’s family owns and operates a retail pool business, and he spent many hours at a young age learning about the trade.

Gabe oversees and trains local staff along with training franchise owners and their own staff. Even with all his years of experience, Gabe would be the first to admit that he, too, continues to learn about the complexities of the pool business and furthers his education by staying abreast of new information and developments in the industry. Learn more about Gabe on our “Meet a Scout” blog here.

Pool Scouts franchisees and technicians are held to these standards and the training process supports and fosters their success. Pool Scouts aims to service pools with integrity, knowledge, skill and professionalism.

Virginia Beach, VA-based Pool Scouts is a premier pool service franchise focused on delivering a quality, consistent brand experience while providing pool cleaning, maintenance and minor repair services at residential properties. Technicians are trained in testing, monitoring, treating and servicing pools and can provide ongoing service as well as help at the beginning and end of the summer season. Growing from its first location in Virginia Beach, Pool Scouts offers a great opportunity as a low cost franchise in the pool services industry with available territories across the United States. For more information or franchising opportunities, visit PoolScoutsFranchise.com.