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5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Explore The Pool Scouts Franchise – Pool Scouts

November 30, 2016

As the year rounds out we’re all faced with our New Year’s resolutions for 2017, and these resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from taking a risk such as skydiving all the way to the risk of a career change. The New Year is a natural time for people to re-evaluate their lives and what’s important, and the fresh start a new year brings can be the catalyst we need to push fear aside and take that leap. For many that means seizing an opportunity to be their own boss, and that is where franchising can take the risk out of your resolution.

Whether you are just starting to explore the franchise world or you’ve been searching for the right business for a while, Pool Scouts is an opportunity worth exploring and now is a great time to take the first steps. Check out 5 reasons you won’t be able to resist taking a deeper dive into the Pool Scouts business opportunity!

The Pool Business Offers a Rich and Growing Industry

Within the continental US there are over 10 million pools and that number continues to grow. Coast to coast, pools are a part of all neighborhoods and they need to be cared for and serviced. In addition to the need, the industry is innovative and ever changing. Automated systems and variable speed pumps offer pool owners high-tech equipment that requires maintenance from trained and educated technicians.

Training Local Scouts

Training offers you a chance to understand not only how to run your business and the backend administrative tasks, but also includes comprehensive training on key aspects of caring for pools. New franchisees roll their sleeves up and complete hands-on training so they are comfortable and confident when they launch their business.

Hit the Ground RunningLocal pool company | Swimming pool service and maintenance

Once a Pool Scouts franchisee completes training and fulfills any necessary state licensing, they are free to begin lead-generating marketing efforts to recruit customers for their recurring business that will begin in the early spring. Franchisees have the opportunity to take advantage of the downtime of our off-season to research local and grassroots marketing opportunities. Things like showcasing the vibrant, bold, Pool Scouts van in a spring parade or sponsoring local sports teams, will begin to build brand visibility and get community residents familiar with the new local business in town so they are more likely to become customers when the time comes they need help with their pool!

Our Annual Convention!

By signing up now, you have the opportunity to register and attend our annual convention, and we’re going international! Our convention is being held in Cancun, Mexico January 2017, and it’s the perfect opportunity to attend breakout sessions ranging from operations to marketing to pool care. You also get to meet and socialize with other franchisees in our system and build your internal support system. It’s 3 days full of information and knowledge that can be key to preparing for the launch of your business.

It is Time to Follow Through on Your Resolutions

Each year, so many make resolutions but just don’t stick to it. You’ve seen it, in January the gym is packed, but by the end of February the crowd has dispersed. Make 2017 the year you follow through, get informed and take steps to meet your goals!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about franchising with Pool Scouts, please visit our franchise information page. We’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have, and get you on the path to joining the Pool Scouts family during the ideal time!