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The Pool Scouts Opportunity in Florida – Pool Scouts

February 8, 2017

Americans have a love affair with their pools! Since the dawn of the suburban neighborhood, pools have always been a desired perk to homeownership. In addition to providing a great place to cool off, pools offer family and friends a great place to gather for quality time together. Not to mention, pools increase your property value.

Across the U.S., on average, one out of every five homes have pools. However, there are pockets of neighborhoods where that statistic doubles! Here at Pool Scouts, we know that California, Arizona, Texas, New York and Florida are states that boast the highest numbers in pool ownership.  Florida is home to the #1 pool city with 66% of homes that have pools.

Florida Pool | Pool Scouts Realtor.com conducted a study indicating that Florida, in fact, had two cities that ranked in the top 10 of cities with the most pools per capita:  #1, Coral Springs, and #7, Clearwater. One realtor cited in a recent article, that within one particular neighborhood comprised of 550 homes, only three do not have pools!

Pool Cleaning | Pool Scouts Franchise | U.S. Pool Infographic This is exactly why the Pool Scouts Franchise is positioned for great success in Florida. Later this month, Pool Scouts will be attending an event in Tampa, Clearwater’s neighbor, and we’re excited to meet some motivated individuals in a fantastic region! We’re looking for people that are ready to make a change and are interested in being their own boss in an innovative industry where customers are crying out for a differentiated experience.


The Franchise Expo will be held at the Tampa Convention Center on February 18-19th. For little cost, you can attend and learn more about both franchising and Pool Scouts. This event offers an opportunity to sit in on franchising classes as well as meet with an array of exhibitors. If you’re interested in dipping your toe in the water or ready to dive in, this event is worth attending.


Here are a few reasons to explore Pool Scouts as a viable option:

  • Low Cost of Entry: This business is characterized by a low investment, including the lowest franchise fee in the industry! When coupled with effective customer recruitment, that leads to a faster breakeven point. But the low franchise fee won’t last forever.
  • Recurring Revenue Model: Ongoing professional pool cleaning services keep customers coming back week after week or month after month, driving a high lifetime value per customer.
  • The Troop Is Rapidly Growing: Territories are selling and Pool Scouts is now open for business in different areas of the country. Get involved soon to claim your territory in Florida before someone else does.
  • Get Trained for the 2017 Season: By starting the process now, you’ll be well trained in time to be up and running for the 2017 season.

Learn more about the Pool Scouts opportunity in Florida and be sure to come by and visit us at the Franchise Expo in Tampa. Our team is ready to help you live your dream of owning your own business and being your own boss!
Learn more at PoolScoutsFranchise.com.